Bree Ogden Debut Album Project Launch

I couldn't be more excited to share this big news with you today.  I am literally right now at the radio station making the official news public.  As you know, I've been working the past 2 years to develop my music career and really achieve my goals of sharing my music with the world.  I have a great team behind me and we are making my dream a reality! 

So you understand how this works: 

PledgeMusic is the latest and greatest way for independent artists (like me) to launch albums and release in CDs and on all the online streaming and download distributions worldwide.  In fact, more big artists who are already signed are utilizing this way to allow fans to get involved and watch them create their albums behind the scenes. 

So, I need you to please go watch my video at the link below and check out the ways you can participate and pledge to preorder my album.   

CLICK HERE or use the link 

I'm excited to share all the cool ways you can participate.   If I sell enough of my album before launch, I could even chart on Billboard Heatseekers Charts!! 

So, any support is very much appreciated.  Please share this with your social media followers and let the fun begin. 

As always, message me with any questions, and I love each of you and hope this finds you well. 

~ Bree 

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