Welcome to the official site of country music singer-songwriter Bree Ogden. 

Arkansas native, Bree Ogden, is a true Southern girl with fiery red hair, a charming Southern drawl and a firecracker on stage.  Her desire to pursue a music career is rooted in her upbringing listening to country music from an early age.  She is currently performing in the central Arkansas area.  As an early high school grad, a KARK News Production Assistant and co-founder of a new line of art and jewelry, Rainy Ray, this Artistpreneur is on the rise, y'all!

Arkansas CMA Young Artist of the Year Nominee 2018!

Debut Album "Untamed" released October 2017!



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Bree Ogden

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Bree Ogden's Debut Album

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Autism Awareness 

I'm happy to announce something! 

Autism is something that has been very close to my heart for a very long time. I'm sure your familiar with the 'Autism Awareness Walk'  
I've volunteered myself to perform at it and they are very excited about it. One thing that the walk does is create teams that allow people to donate. My team name is 'BREES BUNCH'  

Here soon I will be sharing a link for you guys to go and donate and I ask that everyone participates in helping for the cause. The Arkansas Autism Awareness Walk this year is in October.


Hey guys! I'm so happy to tell you as I'm writing this post in sitting in TENNESSEE! Last night me and Alyson Greene played at Rochelles in Hurricane Hills TN! Today was a rest day as I get ready to perform at the ROCKABILLY FEST tomorrow in SELMA TN! I'll be here the rest of the week working on things and having fun. I'll be home in AR next week and I'll be working on my EP! You can listen to the three songs that have already been recorded and get a sneak peak of the EP! Love you guys and HAPPY MONTH OF JUNE!!