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Nashville-bound Arkansas native, Bree Ogden is a true Southern girl with fiery red hair and a charming Southern drawl.  Her desire to pursue a music career is rooted in her upbringing listening to country music from an early age.  She won the title of “Junior of the Year” at the Dallas Expo when she was just 13.  She was approached by many agents and music industry heavy-weights.   Since then, she picked up a guitar, started writing songs, began honing her craft and started garnering as many performance stripes on her sleeves as possible.

Bree's debut album "Untamed" released Fall 2017 and is available online on all digital streaming services as well as here on her website for purchase.  Bree is currently finishing her last year in high school and will be beginning a tour Summer 2018.  Please join her mailing list and stay tuned to this rising talent.

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Bree Ogden @ Brewski's


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Bree Ogden

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Bree Ogden's Debut Album

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  1. 1 Take it or Leave it Alone 02:46 Info
  2. 2 From Time to Time 03:11 Info
  3. 3 Crying in the Rain 03:43 Info
  4. 4 Get in Line 04:02 Info
  5. 5 Love Again 03:24 Info
  6. 6 The Line 03:44 Info
  7. 7 Give Me a Chance 04:38 Info
  8. 8 Run Away 03:56 Info

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