Autism Speaks Walk

If you know anything about me you know that Autism is something very close to my heart. It's always been something I feel needs to be recognized more. If you've never met an Autistic child you are missing out. They are the most kind hearted, loving and caring people you have ever met. But sometimes they're treated so differently when really they are just like you and I. They may need a little more assistance but that makes them no different. My point that I always try to share is that Autism in a child is so much more than a diagnosis. With that being said, I always try to participate in any way I can to support Autism. That's why I am so happy to tell you that I have the honor of having a time slot in this Years Autism Speaks Walk to share my gift with these other gifted kids. 

Join me Saturday May 13 @ Murray Park for this years Autism Speaks Walk. I take the stage at 11:00 but be sure to come to see just me. There is so much more to do and be apart of the walk. 
     Xoxo , BREE. 


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