Bree Opens for Lindsay Lawler on her Highway Angel Tour stop in Little Rock

Ms Lindsay Lawler, Nashville singer/songwriter is stopping at the TA Petro Truck Stop at Galloway on Thursday September 15th. Bree Ogden will be opening for Lindsay that evening at 5:00 p.m. 
The Highway Angel Truck Stop Tour is a way to give back to truckers who don't have the chance to go to a concert with their families. Ms Lindsay Lawler does just that for them. 
Bree has been working with Lindsay since she stopped at the Truckstop here in Little Rock last year and they hit it off instantly when Bree asked LIndsay to be the first person to sign her guitar.
Since then, Bree and Lindsay have become very close, even with Bree visiting her home in Nashville and  writing with Lindsay. 
Bree says "I love Ms LIndsay, she isn't like anyone but herself, she helps me and supports me while I'm only 15. She's so talented and I want to be like her.. The world needs more Lindsay Lawlers.." 
This show is a way to give back to our truckers who are "Highway Angels" out on the road.

Bree is so excited to open for Lindsay and wants YOU to be there! It is something you do not want to miss...
So BE THERE, Thursday September 15, at the TA PETRO Galloway Truckstop @ 5:00 p.m 




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